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Committed to excellence while meeting the highest ethical standard

J.W. Reedy


For three generations we have conducted our business based on the traditions and family values that our Founder, J.W. “Jack” Reedy, Sr. taught us – satisfying each and every client, being active members in our communities, and providing dependable and trustworthy service. Continuing in these traditions has made JW Reedy the highly successful, independent Real Estate Company that we are today.

J.W. Reedy


Our vision means continually updating our services to include all related real estate needs and to continue as the leader in our communities … the Realtor of Choice.

J.W. Reedy


At JW Reedy Realty, we understand the importance and value of teamwork. We encourage a sense of camaraderie and team effort. Our sales associates are our #1 assets! We help our agents achieve their goals! At Reedy, we promise to be committed to excellence while meeting the highest ethical standard.

J.W. Reedy

Agent Testimonials

"Teamwork makes our office work. We give more personalized service through our teamwork. The managers and staff are so supportive. They give me the freedom to work as I want, to set my own goals, and there is no limit to what you can earn. In our towns, the name "Reedy", means honesty and integrity in the Real Estate industry."
— Tom Fosnot
"The innovation of the 21st century alongside the tradition and conscience of the third generation family business – Reedy does Real Estate the way it should be done."
— Jeanne Jordan
"I came to Reedy for the family “team” atmosphere. Having a name like J.W. Reedy behind you; with their reputation in Villa Park and Lombard as being #1; is like gold. I wouldn't want to work anywhere else."
— Sue Pearce
"I chose J.W. Reedy for a couple of reasons. (1) They are a family business that has been providing excellent service for over 80 years in my hometown – and that means a lot! (2) John, Jean and all the agents are so supportive and always willing to provide suggestions on how to improve my business."
— CC Witt
"I have been with J.W. Reedy for over 19 years. I chose this company because they were well respected in the community for being hardworking, honest and the best in selling local real estate company. I stayed with J.W. Reedy because I like the people that work here ... from the managers who are always eager to help you, to the secretaries who constantly make your job easier, to my fellow agents who are here to support me if I need help with a client, advice, or an opinion on pricing. I feel at home here. It’s a great place to work."
— Jane Beckwith
"I've found that working at J.W. Reedy has enhanced my professionalism and spurred me into being a better Realtor. The atmosphere is professional and supportive and friendly."
— John Siebolds
"You always have the strength of a company that’s been around since 1928 when you are going out on listings. Our support staff is terrific too! It feels good to have the respect of the marketplace because they know we’ve always treated people fairly."
— Mary Reedy O’Connor